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File #: 2020-233    Version: Name: Rezoning Request_Z20-006_3302 Atlanta Rd
Type: Authorization Status: Passed
File created: 6/25/2020 In control: City Council
On agenda: 4/19/2021 Final action:
Title: Public Hearing - Zoning Request - Z20-006 - Rezoning from NS & RM-10 - Conditional for the development of 10 single-family attached townhomes at a density of 9.3 units per acre - 1.08 acres - Land Lot 669 - 3302 Atlanta Road - Edgeline, LLC - This item will be tabled to the May 3, 2021 Mayor & Council meeting.
Attachments: 1. Issue Sheet, 2. Letter to table to May 3, 2021, 3. Request to table to April 19.pdf, 4. Staff Memo_Z20-006_M&C_V2.pdf, 5. Site Plan_V3_Z20-006.pdf, 6. Land Use Map_Z20-006.pdf, 7. Zoning Vicinity Map_Z20-006.pdf, 8. Conceptual Elevation 1_Z20-006.jpg, 9. Conceptual Elevation 2_Z20-006.JPG, 10. Application Package_Z20-006.pdf, 11. Stipulation Letter_7.30.20, 12. Tree Assessment_Z20-006.pdf, 13. Tree Protection Plan_Z20-006.pdf, 14. Legal Ad_Z20-006.pdf, 15. Letters to Table_Z20-006.pdf


WARD / COUNCILMEMBER:  Ward 6 / Councilmember Gould





Public Hearing - Zoning Request - Z20-006 - Rezoning from NS & RM-10 - Conditional for the development of 10 single-family attached  townhomes at a density of 9.3 units per acre - 1.08 acres - Land Lot 669 - 3302 Atlanta Road - Edgeline, LLC - This item will be tabled to the May 3, 2021 Mayor & Council meeting.





Edgeline, LLC is requesting the rezoning of the subject property on the south side of Atlanta Road from NS to RM-10-Conditional for the development of a ten (10) unit townhome subdivision at a density of 9.3 units per acre. The ten (10) units will be split between two (2) buildings ranging between 3 to 7 units per building. The community will be comprised of three (3) thirty-five-foot-wide townhomes and seven (7) twenty-two-foot-wide townhomes. The townhomes will consist of a mixture of front and rear loaded two-car garages. The floor areas of the townhomes will range between 2,000 sq. ft. and 2,400 sq. ft. The townhomes will employ a variety of traditional architectural features. The building facades will include, but not be limited to brick, stone, cement-fiber siding, wood or cement-fiber shingles, and other materials per the attached rendering. The applicant has provided elevations and floor plans for both townhome products for review with the zoning application. Staff is recommending that the development shall not be gated.


The Planning Board recommended approval by a vote of 6-0 at the August 10, 2020 meeting.


RECOMMENDATION / REQUESTED ACTIONCommunity Development recommends approval of the rezoning from NS to RM-10 for the development of three single-family units at a density of 9.3 units per acre with the following conditions:


Standard Conditions

(Requirement #2, 8, 16 and 17 from Section 1201 of the Zoning Code is not applicable) 


1.                     The composition of the homes in a residential subdivision shall include a mixture of elements including; but not limited to: brick, stone, shake, hardy plank and stucco.  No elevation shall be comprised of 100% hardy plank siding.  The residences whose lots abut external roadways shall not be permitted to utilize hardy plank for any elevation facing these roads.


2.                     There shall be protective covenants on all lots. These protective covenants shall be supplied to the city prior to the issuance of a building permit.


3.                     The developer shall provide at least 200 square feet of common space per lot. This common space shall be developed with improvements for the residential subdivision such as: gazebos, fountains, recreational/playground equipment or walking trails. The common space shall be controlled and maintained by the Homeowners Association.


4.                     The detention pond shall be placed and screened appropriately to be unobtrusive to homes inside and outside the development.  The storm water detention plan shall be designed to create at least a 10% reduction in a 2-year to 100-year storm event. The City Engineer shall approve all plans.


5.                     All utilities within the development shall be underground.


6.                     The developer shall be responsible for any traffic improvements (including additional right-of-way dedications) deemed necessary by either the City or the County during construction plan review.  Sidewalks shall be provided by the developer inside the subdivision and outside the subdivision adjacent to any public right-of-way consistent with City’s requirements for the extent of the development.  A grass buffer with a minimum width of 2’ shall be provided between the back of curb and sidewalk.


7.                     A strip of brick pavers or stamped concrete shall be installed on the street at the subdivision entrance for a minimum distance of 20 feet.


8.                     The development of any streets (including private) shall conform to the city's standards for public right-of-ways.


9.                     No debris may be buried on any lot or common area.


10.                     The developer will install decorative streetlights within the development, subject to approval by the city engineer. Utilization of low intensity, environmental type lighting, the illumination of which shall be confined within the perimeter of the subject property through the use of "full-cutoff lighting".


11.                     The developer will comply with the City’s current tree ordinance (unless noted elsewhere).  All required tree protection measures shall be adhered to by the developer during construction.


12.                     All landscape plans must be prepared, stamped, and signed by a Georgia Registered Landscape Architect for any common areas or entrances.


13.                     All yards and common areas are to be sodded, and landscaped. Irrigate as appropriate.


Special Conditions


14.                     The development shall maintain the following setbacks:


Front - 40’

Side - 12’

Rear - 40’



15.                     Each townhome building shall be limited to no more than seven units per building.


16.                     The proposed homes shall have a minimum floor area of 1,800 sq. ft.


17.                     The private drive shall be a minimum of 26’ wide from back of curb to back of curb.


18.                     The private drive shall have a permanent access easement through the Villas of Vinings Condominiums. Documentation of the easement shall be provided to the City prior to the issuance of a Land Disturbance Permit.


19.                     The development shall not be gated.


20.                     Each home shall have a fire sprinkler system approved by the City’s Fire Marshal.


21.                     The rear of the townhome units shall have architectural features that delineate the individual townhome units.


22.                     The developer shall provide a 4’ sidewalk within the development.


23. The developer shall be responsible for any water and sanitary sewer improvements deemed necessary by the Public Works Director during construction plan review.


24. The developer shall be responsible for any fire access improvements deemed necessary by the Fire Marshal during construction plan review. 


25. The developer shall provide a right-in and right-out access from the private drive to Atlanta Road.


26.                     No stormwater management facility or portion thereof shall be located on any portion of the proposed lots. The stormwater management facilities shall be solely located on the HOA’s property.


27.                     All trees within the limits of disturbance and not located within a tree protection area must be removed during the land clearing and grading phase of the development.


28. Approval of the subject property for the RM-10 zoning district shall be conditioned upon the development of the property in substantial compliance with the site plan submitted 2/24/2021 created by Blue Landworks and all zoning stipulations above.


29. The applicant shall be bound to the elevations submitted and dated 7/30/2020. Building fronts shall have a staggered appearance. Approval of any change to the elevations must be obtained from the Director of Community Development.


30. The additional stipulations agreed upon by the applicant in the letter submitted and dated on July 30, 2020. If there should be a discrepancy between the stipulations in the July 30, 2020 letter and the stipulations stated above, the stipulations stated above shall apply.